A Sheriff has imposed a community service order on a man whose careless driving caused the death of a pensioner at a bus stop in Glenrothes. Sean Medeiros lost control of his council van when his hand became trapped in the steering wheel after he instinctively tried to grab a set of keys that had slid from the dashboard. He failed to stop his van as it left the road and collided with a bus shelter, killing a 66 year old woman.

The Sheriff agreed that it was appropriate to have regard to the guidelines issued by the English Sentencing Guidelines Council, and accepted a defence submission that the accused’s relatively low level of culpability made a prison sentence inappropriate. He ordered Mr Medeiros to complete 180 hours of community service & disqualified him from driving for the mandatory minimum period of 1 year. Sean Medeiros was represented by Jamie Gilchrist QC of Compass Chambers.

Court: Sheriff Court (Scotland

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